-  Tuesday, 6 October  |  Arthur
Olymp T-shirt V-Neck 2-Pack
Nice white smooth cotton. Nice collar. Bad partial dimensions; shoulders OK, length OK, but armhole not logical: with arms up the whole T-shirt crawls up.
  Thanks for the feedback, Arthur! We will pass this on to the supplier. Hope to see you at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Monday, 20 March  |  John
Olymp T-shirt V-Neck 2-Pack
Nice quality T-shirts just like the very good quality Olymp shirts.
  It's great that the quality is so satisfactory. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Nice fabric
  • Fast correct delivery

Buy Olymp T-Shirts online

Essential Olympics for your wardrobe.

You may know Olymp shirts, but did you know that Olymp also has very nice t-shirts? These basic t-shirts are made of very strong cotton, making them a very pleasant addition to your wardrobe. Finding a nice basic t-shirt seems easy, but it is certainly not; everything has to be right. Olymp's knowledge and years of experience mean that they have now developed these great t-shirts.

Handy basics to wear under your shirt or shirt.

Olymp offers you something for every moment. If you would like to wear the t-shirts under a shirt, you can, for example, opt for the deep v-neck variant with a little added stretch. The stretch in these basic shirts provides extra wearing comfort. The fit of this model is slim-fit, so a slim fitted model.

V-neck or a different neck? You can choose from a wide collection of basics.

But if you prefer a model with a shallower V-neck or round neck, Olymp can also provide that very well. These t-shirts have a regular fit, which is suitable for everyone. The quality of the material is very solid, so that you can still enjoy it after a few washes. The Olymp t-shirts are therefore highly recommended, just like the shirts of this great brand. They are also very pleasant to wear, important if you often wear shirts and have a busy job. Make the choice today and order a number of these beautiful basics from Olymp.

Round neck or V-neck

The shirts with round neck and V-neck are supplied in a handy 2-Pack. This way you immediately have a spare t-shirts and you never miss out when the laundry is a day behind. These fine basics have a regular-fit that is spacious and comfortable along the body. In addition, both have a high-closing collar.

Extra Deep V-neck

In addition to a regular V-neck, Olymp likes to think a step further with you. That is why they are proud to introduce a basic white shirt with an extra deep V-neck of no less than 19 cm. This T-shirt has a tight, body-fit fit and is therefore perfect to wear under your shirt, even if it is slim-fit or body-fit. Thanks to the deeper neck, you can also wear the top buttons of your shirt open without any problems.
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