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Jeans are the world’s most worn clothing piece. Originally from the States, but nowadays a fashion icon all over the world. Jeans are developed into a piece of clothing that is suitable and available for anyone. Therefore, it was with good reason that the late fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent once said: ‘’I wish I invented Blue Jeans’’. From Levi’s to Vanguard Jeans to Mac, every customer thinks this garment is a stylish piece of clothing. Anything is possible at Suitable, so order your jeans online right away! 

Jeans, no sign of age

Is there anyone without jeans? Since 1873, affordable jeans (work trousers) are renowned in the United States, but it was only after the Allied landed in 1944 that they became known in Europe. Supported by American Hollywood films, jeans began their unstoppable upward trend.

Can you imagnine a life without jeans? Jeans for men are the best trousers in the world. A pair of men’s jeans is not just a pair of pants, it is a way of living! The immense popularity and the enormous market share woke up many manufacturers and fashion designers. In the 80s, both wealthy young people and adolescents wore men’s jeans as part of their casual outfits. Today, jeans are part of every men’s normal outfit, no matter what age. It is basic equipment for every wardrobe.

Jeans sizes

Qualitative jeans for men come in American inch sizes. The sizes consist of two numbers. The first number expresses width (hip size) and the second is the length of the leg. This way you can easily find the right size for you. Characteristic for men’s jeans is that the back side is slightly higher than the front side and it is fitted with a button closure or a zipper.

Five-pocket jeans

Jeans can be produced, just like khaki trousers and even trousers in classic fabrics, as five-pocket model: two stitched back pockets and two side pockets on the front. Of which one partly exposes the smaller stitched pocket known as a coin pocket or watch pocket. Nowadays, you can match this pair of trousers easily with a trendy blazer or a modern shirt. Naturally, jeans are always suitable for any casual outfit. When your workspace embraced Casual Friday, sturdy jeans are a great choice!
When you are not a jeans addict and you just like to wear it casually now and then, go for a five pocket model without a wash. Don’t purchase it to tight and don’t pull it up too high, it will spoil a sporty look. Wear your jeans with a firm and wide jeans belt.

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