Björn Borg history

He once was the world’s best tennis player. In the 70s and 80s the Swede Björn Borg became known worldwide due to tournaments such as Roland Garros, the Australian Open and of course, Wimbledon.
During and after his sports career Björn Borg showed himself to be a successful businessman. He became particularly renowned for his Björn Borg boxer shorts. But there is more!
Björn Borg provides a wide collection of fashion for men which consists of Bjorn Borg T-shirts, polos, sweaters, cardigans, pants and jogging suits. In other words, a very extensive line of products for the active, well-groomed man.

Scandinavian design

Nowadays, much excellent fashion comes from Scandinavia. Also men’s fashion brand Björn Borg. Even today, Björn Borg is worldwide renowned for its comfortable men’s underwear with a perfect fit.
These qualities are implemented in all Björn Borg products. And furthermore, not only comfort matters, the looks are equally important. Therefore, Björn Borg designs a collection of Björn Borg sweatpants, T-shirts, polos, sweaters and vests that complement each other perfectly. Who wouldn’t want a comfortable Björn Borg vest or a Björn Borg polo shirt to combine endlessly?

Comfortable fashion to be proud of

Today, there is no reason to be ashamed of wearing sweatpants or a jogging suit. Thanks to brands as Björn Borg, even sweatpants for men are super fashionable. The perfect pair of pants for a nice day on the couch, an active hour in the gym or just for a trendy, comfortable look.
The collection of casual activewear has a high-quality finish and is available in several timeless colors. Will your choice for this season be the athleisure trend? In that case, the collection of Björn Borgs men’s fashion is essential for your wardrobe. Shop Björn Borg online at and enjoy the ease of online shopping. 

Björn Borg boxers

When you think of trendy boxer shorts, you think of Björn Borg underwear. The Björn Borg boxers are popular among both boys and men who enjoy some extra flair. Björn Borg boxers have the looks, but comfort is also of great importance when it comes to underwear for men.
The Björn Borg boxer shorts are made of high-quality elastic cotton to create flexibly, and yet also the right support and a perfect fit. The various models of waistbands provide the perfect fit for each body type.
Suitable offers two different collections:
Fun shorts for him
The original heritage

Björn Borg boxers offer

The Fun series fully responds to the latest fashion trends, providing you the coolest, most trendy boxer shorts. Besides hip boxer shorts, Björn Borg creates luxurious shorts for men as well. These shorts are part of The Original Heritage collection and have a classic look, without an eye-catching logo at the waistband.
The best part? The boxer shorts are regularly available with a discount! Would you like to know your specific Björn Borg size? Check out the Björn Borg size chart.

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