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Superdry Sweater Workwear Light Blue
Fast, neat delivery, but the color does not match the color in the webshop.
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In 2003, Superdry Clothing was founded by Julian Dunkerton and James Holder, who are still the driving force behind the brand. Superdry, characterized by luxurious details and high-quality materials, is a real British success story. Being based on and inspired by Japanese influences and American vintage, Superdry men’s clothing keeps growing.

Superdry standards and values

Just as it was in the early days, quality, value and design are the biggest motives of this successful brand. Superdry has developed into one of the most diverse British lifestyle brands, with an international reach throughout the world.

Renowned worldwide

Superdry’s target market consist of people who like to wear trendy clothes of good quality, with unique designs. The brand is available in many countries and has fans all over the world. Because of its distinctive capability, Superdry has an exclusive attractiveness and has loyal fans as fashion lovers David Beckham and Zac Efron.

Superdry men’s collection

Superdy offers a wide range of men’s clothing, such as stylish Superdry polos, tough Superdry t-shirts, trendy Superdry jackets and comfortable Superdry sweaters. The collections show depth and style and are highly reliable due to the authentic British tailoring.
Unique urban clothing with bright, graphic prints, sturdy vintage washings and extraordinary details are the reasons why this brand is an absolute must-have. Add the highly comfortable and tailored fit and you have found a brand that guarantees success.
Regarding the fit, the comprehensive Superdry collection matches the modern man’s preferences perfectly. The Superdry sizes have a very comfortable and stylish fit and range from S to XXL.

Shop Superdry online

Do you enjoy original, unique clothing? Do you prefer design, but do you also value a practical look?
Are you always looking for clothing that represents various influences, which makes your outfit unique? Choose Superdry.
Do you already know what you like? Check out Superdry’s diverse collection! The designers do not only try to make original looking clothes, they are also always on the lookout for the best materials and unique techniques to create qualitative designs. Superdry’s quality makes it possible to enjoy your outfits for a long time. Shop Superdry online at and create your own unique look with cool accents.

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