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Suitable offers shirts with extra comfort. It is no longer necessary to choose between comfort and style with our collection Desoto shirts. Because Desoto shirts are not only crease-resistant, but fashionable as well. All shirts are slim fit and therefore fit perfectly tight.

Desoto men’s shirts

Desoto shirts are made for the stylish, modern man. Today time is scarce, therefore Desoto shirts don’t need any ironing. The shirts are made of 100% jersey cotton, treated in a way to create non-iron shirts. By using 100% cotton the shirt feels extremely soft to the skin.

Are you an active person or do you go to work by bike? In that case Desoto shirts are very suitable as well. Due to a special weaving process the fabric of the shirts is extra flexible. Your shirt will look smooth after your bike ride due to the combination of flexible fabric and a crease-resistant treatment.
Tip: dry your shirt on a hanger after washing it, so you don’t need ironing before wearing it again.

Features of Desoto shirts

A non-iron shirt is nothing new. However, Desoto took the opportunity to alter and improve it. The most common problem of a slim-fit shirt is the limited movement. This lowers the wearing comfort and in Desoto’s opinion, that can’t be right. Therefore, they designed a new shirt that combines both style and wearing comfort.

The shirts feel as t-shirts, due to jersey cotton. A fabric which is used for most t-shirts. This fabric doesn’t just make the shirts incredibly soft but also provides a natural stretch ability.

In addition to choosing for a different kind of fabric for shirts, Desoto has made another important adjustment. The seams in a shirt often cause irritation. By assembling the shirts in a specific way, Desoto resolved this discomfort. In doing so Desoto creates shirts to really live in.

About Desoto

The brand Desoto was born out of the need to make fashionable, comfortable shirts. This was achieved by using jersey cotton and high-quality fabrics. Also, the shirts are designed and produced within Europe. The fabrics are being made in Germany and are provided with an Oeko-Tex certificate, which means no harmful chemicals were used in the production process. Therefore, your Desoto shirt is sustainable as well.

Wondering what specific measure of Desoto u need? View the Desoto Size chart.

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