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Petrol Industries Jeans are made for the man who gives a cool twist to his outfit. Finding the perfect pair of jeans with the right fit is essential to creating the perfect Outfit! The jeans are a basic item and indispensable in your closet. Petrol Industries provides tasteful and timeless jeans that can be worn both casual and smart.

Petrol Model Seaham

The Seaham 5 Pocket model, and as the term '5 pocket' already describes, these jeans have 5 pockets. Two pockets on the back of the jeans, two pockets on the front of the jeans with a small coin pocket added to your right trouser pocket. The Seaham model is available in various colors and can be combined endlessly. The fit is slim (slim-fit). This has been made possible because of the elastane added to it. This makes your jeans comfortable, gives you room to move and is ideal for all daily activities.

How do I wash my Petrol Jeans?

Petrol Industries jeans are made of Denim, which is a natural product. To enjoy your perfect jeans for longer, we recommend that you wash your jeans as little as possible in a washing machine, if possible. Washing your Jeans in the washing machine can cause your Jeans to wear out faster. In addition, research by (Unilever 2019) has shown that 90% of the Dutch use too much detergent. A lot of detergent in combination with a high spin speed explains those white stripes that you often see in jeans. Tip from us; Hang your jeans outside for a night or put them in the freezer for a while! You will thank us later!
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