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Buy the latest Giordano shirts online at Suitable; Suitable offers the latest and most trendy shirts of this excellent brand every season. The Italian lifestyle and trends inspire Giordano to produce high-quality dress shirts.

Giordano product and production :

Product : At Suitable we offer the Giordano men's shirts and polo's. We look forward to expanding in the coming years the collection of Giordano and bring you the latest items of this brand.

Production: Giordano works with suppliers across the globe. Suppliers ensure safe delivery and production of the Giordano products. Their suppliers' ethics comply with the modern trade fair of goods in one sense: "The supplier does not use forced, prison or child labor." The suppliers provide a safe and healthy workplace for its workers."

Quality of Giordano dress shirts

Clothing brand Giordano designs colorful menswear, focusing on detail, eye-catching colors, and high-quality fabrics. Giordano's clothing stands for top quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. The collections reflect Italian trends and focus on fashion for a conscious man who embraces casual chic.

Giordano's polo shirts and dress shirts

Giordano's men's shirts and polo shirts are made of high-quality cotton. Giordano cotton shirts' advantages are; they keep you warm in winter and fresh in summer thanks to their breathability. The cotton fibers are natural and have the advantage that it does not wear out easily. Also, cotton is easy to maintain. The fabric can be ironed effortlessly. This quality, combined with the influence of Italian design, makes The Giordano brand not to be forgotten.

Giordano cotton shirts are available in two fits at Suitable:
Slim-fit: The Giordano slim-fit shirts offer the men's shirt a slightly tailored. The modern -fit shirt is for everyday occasions; not too evident so that you can wear casual.
Modern-fit: The Giordano shirts with a modern fit are for the slightly put or larger man where the chest is almost the same size as the waist (belly or waist). Also, shirts with a regular fit are suitable for men who like enough room to move.

Different types of collars:

There is always a suitable collar for any man. Giordano men's shirts have two types of collars:
Button-down: The button-down Giordano shirts will always stay classic. This collar is well known as button-front and button-up. The collar has points that point down and is attached to the shirt. The Giordano button-down shirt can be combined with a tie or sweater. Cutaway: The cutaway Giordano shirt has a modern look. The points of the collar are just a bit further from each other. These shirts tend to be more casual, and you can wear them underneath a suit. It is easier to combine the shirt with a tie.

Combination with Giordano

Giordano's designers select the most cheerful, colorful, and trendy designs for their new collection every season. Giordano's clothing is ideal for endless combinations; you can wear it either smart casual in combination with jeans or business in a more dressed look. The clothing is designed with an eye for detail and has Italian influences. Think of tailored, slim fit, double collars, and contrasting colors inside the cuff. With a Giordano shirt, you will always have a casual chic outfit. For each season of the year, Giordano provides items that will be a good addition to your man's closet. The elegant collection makes a man stand out as an individual known for his excellent vision of fashion.

Buy Giordano shirts online

Buy Giordano shirts at Suitable. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and quick delivery. Use the online filters to select the size, color, and pattern to your liking. Your favorite shirt will be within hand reach in about a few clicks. You can buy the most beautiful Giordano shirts and clothing with ease and simplicity. There are different moments a year where you can find a Giordano shirt in Sale. Feel free to visit our store or call us for advice. We are happy to help you personally.

History of Giordano

Verweij Fashion is a real Dutch family business. Giordano is part of the Verweij Fashion Group. A.H. Verweij built the company in 1955 and ran the company from a small shop in Rotterdam. A.H.Verweij imported high-quality fabrics from Italy. Over the years, the company grew from a single shop to a famous fashion house. Nowadays, the second generation is at the helm. The two sons of A.H.Verweij have taken over the family business. From a young age, two sons of A.H.Verweij learned how to sell and design high-quality clothing under their father's supervision. One thing is known for sure - Giordano menswear will last for years, and you will walk in the latest Italian trends.

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