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During the summer, a T-shirt is the most common item of clothing for men. Choose a shirt with a printed and go for the weekend in your own style, to a casual occasion or to work. Suitable has a wide range of various brands and styles with different types of prints.
Choose something playful, cool or make a statement.

A particularly innovative creation from the 1990s was the tatoo shirt by the French designer Jean-Paul Gaultier, who managed to create the illusion of body painting with all-over prints on transparent, stretchy fabrics. In the 1970s the idea came up to print T-shirts. T-shirt prints became a medium. The white surface without annoying buttons or seams turned out to be excellent for meanings, slogans and political statements.
Milton Glaser's I LOVE NY was printed on t-shirts millions of times. Che Guevara, the emblem of the Rolling Stones and the tongue of John Pasch were absolute long-sellers. Vivienne Westwood's punk shirts are also famous. Ton Margaret Thatcher received the British designer Katharine Hamnett in 1984, she wore a t-shirt with the inscription "don't want pershing".
You can make it up as crazy or it will be printed. There are fan concerts, souvenirs and so-called art shirts. Companies make designers of their characteristic logo available, cities are selling with local patriotism and the fashion designers themselves have their labels printed on T-shirts. Coca Cola is made Co-Caine. Or they come up with their own slogans and print their own shirts with them. The possibilities are endless.
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