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Profuomo men's handkerchiefs of excellent quality

The handkerchiefs for men from Profuomo are made of 100% cotton, which makes them just look beautiful, but also feel extremely soft. This is very important as the handkerchief regularly comes into contact with the sensitive skin under and around the nose. Thanks to the durable material, the handkerchiefs can be washed and dried at high temperatures without showing wear. Time after time a perfectly clean handkerchief that can be seen is the result.

Profuomo handkerchiefs for men with class

If you want to radiate class, you go back to a cotton handkerchief and let the paper version pass you by. Profuomo handkerchiefs come in a variety of colors and designs. You can buy them per set of 3 so that you always have one at hand. Ideally, you match your handkerchief to your outfit. You can always get along with white handkerchiefs thanks to their neutral character.

The advantage of cotton handkerchiefs

Cotton handkerchiefs are firmer and more durable than the paper version. They look stylish and you can find them in a variety of fun colors. In addition, they are also better for the environment as you reuse them after a wash. Another advantage of a cotton handkerchief is the impact on your style and appearance. A carefully chosen handkerchief is an accessory that should certainly catch the eye. You can wear it in the breast pocket of your shirt or vest. It goes without saying that you put it in your pocket as soon as you have used it.
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