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Keep your shoes shining as new!

Shoe maintenance is very important is you want to enjoy your new shoes for as long as possible. Both leather and suede both need proper care, before you first start wearing your shoes and after. Collonil is specialized in shoe maintenance and offers a wide range of products to help you take care of those precious footwear.

Waterstop, shoe cream, brushes and more
We understand that all those choices might confuse you a little. What product do you need for what materials? And when do you use it? No worries, we will give you the 101: 
  • Impregnation spray should be used before you first start wearing your shoes. This gives both leather and suede waterproof protection. 
  • Water stop cream is especially designed for smooth leather and will refresh the colour. It also puts a protecting layer on the leather. 
  • Shoe cream is perfect when your shoes are a little worn out. It’s meant for smooth leather and nourishes your shoes to make then new again. 
  • A nubuck box is kind of like an eraser. Use it on both suede and nubuck to brush out small stains. 
  • Brushes are an absolute must if you are a leather-lover! Use them for applying water stop, shoe cream or other products.

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