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A top-quality shirt is indispensable in the wardrobe of a stylish man. This is because shirts are very diverse. After all, there is a shirt for every situation: A cool denim shirt to wear casually, a smart-casual shirt with a print, or a plain white shirt to match your suit. Hugo Boss makes a wide range of shirts and uses high-quality fabrics with or without an embroidered logo.

Hugo boss shirts are also available for every season. From thick, warm winter shirts to airy summer shirts with short sleeves. Do you like shirts with cool designs? Then take a look at the printed Hugo Boss shirts.

Most shirts are made of cotton, but Hugo Boss offers some shirts made of exclusive silk. Silk is both strong and elastic, and silk can absorb 40% moisture before it feels wet. Silk is perhaps also the most comfortable fabric to wear.

When looking for business attire Hugo Boss is your place to be. Their business shirts are available in all conceivable sizes, fits, and colors.

Hugo Boss offers a wide choice of different collars, such as the button-down collar. Meaning the collar is attached to the shirt using two buttons, giving it a casual look. There is also the choice of single or double cuffs. Shirts with single cuffs have buttons at the end of the sleeve with which you can close the sleeve. A shirt with double cuffs (also called French cuff) needs cufflinks to close the cuff. You can use unique cufflinks to finish your outfit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hugo Boss shirts easy to mix and match?
They certainly are. Try pairing a Hugo Boss shirt with chinos and sneakers. For a formal occasion, you can finish this outfit with a blazer.
How do I wash a Hugo Boss shirt?
This varies from shirt to shirt and material to material, so before washing, look at the inside's washing label.
Are Hugo Boss shirts available in different fits?
At Suitable, we sell Hugo Boss shirts in Slim-fit and Regular-fit.

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