-  Wednesday, 17 February  |  Cornelis
Falke Walkie Hikingsocks Navy 6670
In winter I prefer nothing more than to wear the Falke Walkie Hiking Socks. They are like self-knitted wool socks and they are wonderfully warm and.... strong. I always bought them in Leidsenhage at the 'Koekenhuis', but after our move to Noord-Holland, I wanted to order them via the internet. I could only find them at [site name]. I ordered them there and they were delivered the next day. Good address!
  Thanks for the nice review. We are proud to be your new address for Falke Walkie! We wish you much more pleasure and see you soon at [site name].   ^Quinty van Suitable
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 -  Wednesday, 29 October  |  Rob
Falke Walkie Hiking Socks Black
Good reviews from other hikers and a very good price through [site name]. The socks have an excellent fit and do not deform during longer walks, keep the feet dry and, due to their thickness, give some space in the shoe. We are very pleased with this purchase. TOP ;-)
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 -  Thursday, 9 March  |  Heleen
Falke Walkie Light Black 3000
Ideal way of ordering socks. Falke is my favorite brand and [site name] has plenty of choice at an affordable price. Add to that the convenience of home delivery and it should be clear that this is ideal.
  Thanks for your nice review! Nice to hear that you are such a fan of the Falke socks. Have fun wearing!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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Falke Walkie: The all-round unisex walking sock

Are you a fanatic walker? Do you enjoy walking for miles through beautiful nature or do you participate in the Four Days Marches every year? The Falke Walkie hiking socks are popular and favorite with many. The all-round unisex hiking socks are made of 63% virgin wool, 35% polyamide and 2% elastane. In other words, soft and comfortable! In addition, the high concentration of wool ensures good moisture absorption. Wool can absorb up to 1.5 times its own volume of moisture, without feeling wet. The Falke Walkie socks also have an anatomically shaped toe piece and because the toe seam is hand chained, there are no pressure points at the toe seam. A big plus of course, because the chance of blisters or pain during a long walk is much smaller!

Falke Walkie Light

The Falkie Walkie Light came on the market not long after the Falke Walkie hiking socks. This light version of the popular hiking sock is slightly thinner and, like its big brother, suitable for both men and women. The thinner Falke Walkie Light hiking socks are made of soft merino wool. Do you find the regular Walkie socks a bit too thick? Then choose the thinner Falke Walkie Light men's socks!
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