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Ecoalf Men's Polo Shirt

Ecoalf is a Spanish brand where sustainability is very important. The name is derived from Ecological and Alfredo, the founder's son. In recent years, the brand has grown into a fully-fledged all-round brand. They design jackets, sweaters, t-shirts, pants, shirts and all kinds of accessories. Only sustainable materials are used in all products. Think of Polyester from recycled PET bottles and plastic from the oceans. Organic cotton or recycled. Recycled wool. And, perhaps most special: Slippers that are made from old car tires.

Men's polo shirts from Ecoalf

Ecoalf designs beautiful slim polos made of organic cotton. Every season they have a few nice basic polos and men's polos that fit perfectly into the current season with their color. Each Ecoalf polo has the logo consisting of a circle of two arrows which refers to the cycle of clothing. At Ecoalf they want to have these closed as much as possible. That is why a raw material is used that is less harmful to the environment.

Additional advantage of the Ecoalf

Another advantage of the organic cotton polos is that the fabric generally feels softer and breathes very well. The polo feels like a second skin.

How do you wear a polo?

Do you have a polo but think you can only wear it at 30 degrees? Then you are wrong. Below some inspiration:
  • Polo on short. The well-known outfit.
  • Polo under a nice jacket. Neat and very suitable for the warmer days.
  • Polo over jeans for the casual look.
  • Polo on a neat chino.
  • Polo in combination with a suit. You don't see this much but can look very stylish.
  • Polo under a sweater, for when all your shirts are in the wash but still have to go somewhere semi- casual.

Do you want to buy your own Ecoalf men's polo? Do that online at Suitable.
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