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 -  Saturday, 6 April  |  Kees
Suitable Coat Spaarne Navy
I have not worn the jacket yet. It's a winter coat that I have already put away for next fall. But the fit is excellent and the quality feels very good.
  Dear Kees, Nice to hear that you are so satisfied!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Good quality.
  • Looking young and dressed
  • Is very comfortable
  • Beautiful color really chic.
 -  Thursday, 4 April  |  Driessen
Suitable Coat Spaarne Indigo
Completely fine, nice jacket. I put on a spare button myself because there was in which buttonhole but no button was on.
  Dear PJ Good to hear that you are so satisfied. Enjoy your new purchase!   ^Quinty van Suitable
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  • Quality
  • Price
 -  Monday, 22 February  |  Yvonne
Suitable Geke Coat Black
What a great quality coat. Looks beautifully tough and masculine
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  • Customization
  • Good quality

Buy Wool Men's Coats online

Wool coat: a timeless classic

Are you thinking of buying a wool coat? A very good idea! Wool is a very fine natural material that has an insulating effect. It keeps you nice and warm without making you feel stuffy or locked up. Wool is also water-repellent, so the jacket can survive a small rain shower. The fiber naturally repels water, which means that the water is not absorbed. This also means that the jacket will not feel cold if it is wet for a long time.

A wool model for every man

Suitable offers you a very spacious range of woolen men's coats. Many woolen coats meet the requirements of the modern man exactly: they have a slim-fit fit and often a slightly longer model. This makes them extremely suitable to wear over a jacket or suit, not entirely unimportant. For personal advice, please contact Suitable, our service will be happy to help you find the perfect wool coat. Of course you can also go for a fitting session at one of the Suitable stores.

Winter coat wool for men

In winter, you want to dress yourself as best you can when you go outside. In practical terms, a warm jacket to dive into that protects against wind and rain is the best choice. But the proof that such a jacket can not only be practical, but also very stylish and elegant is the woolen winter coat for men.

From business to casual

Most winter coats made of wool look neat and more business-like. These types of jackets are therefore also very suitable to wear over a suit. After all, when you're wearing a suit and you have to wear a coat over it in winter, it's just as important a part of your formal look as a good pair of shoes.

Nevertheless, this type of jacket can also be worn casual, by combining it with, for example, a chino and a pullover. In short, it is a versatile and timeless winter jacket for men.

Wool also has many positive properties that make it a sustainable item.

The benefits of wool

The characteristics and properties of wool at a glance:

  • It is a natural material
  • It keeps you nice and warm due to the insulating capacity
  • Wool fibers are naturally dirt and water resistant
  • It is a durable material, because it stays beautiful for a long time
  • Wool forms nicely around the body

Choose a wool coat according to your taste

Are you looking for a wool winter coat? Men will find a wide selection of stylish, neat options in various colors at Suitable. Both plain and with a pattern. Opt for an even more classic look with, for example, a fine herringbone or a coarse checkered.

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