Buy Big and Tall Polo Shirts, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL online

Plus size polos for men are ideal for summer. Polo shirts are sporty and give you a summery casual look. Whether you choose a plus sizes polo with a printed or a plain polo, the polo shirt is a timeless piece. Because of its simplicity and versatility, many men like to choose a men's polo.

Large size polo shirts for men in 3xl, 4xl, 5xl

We have a spacious range of large sizes of polos for men. The polo shirts are available from XXL to 7XL. Each brand has its own size range where the collection extends. Pierre Cardin, for example, goes standard up to 5XL and Casa Moda sometimes up to 6XL or 7XL. Gant is the only brand that deviates from this with a men's polo size bow up to 4XL. Are you looking for a men's polo in 3XL, 4XL or another plus sizes, then we certainly have something for you. Choose your favorite plus size polos for men at Suitable.

Which brands sell large size polo shirts for men

A polo shirt for men in large sizes is available in several brands. The brands we sell are Pierre Cardin, Gant and Casa Moda. Each brand has its own style. A Pierre Cardin polo in large sizes is a favorite for many men. The clothing is contemporary, stylish and exudes class. This allows you to wear a Pierre Cardin polo for any occasion.
Gant is an American lifestyle brand. Gant 's clothing is classic and has a modern casual twist. Gant is characterized by the use of various colors, timeless models and designs.
Casa Moda is timeless and affordable. The brand has a nice collection of sporty high-quality large size polo shirts for men. Perfect for endless combinations.

How do you combine large polo shirts?

A polo shirt is originally a sports shirt. Today, large polo shirts are also worn neatly. View per occasion with which you combine the polo. Are you expected to be dressed more neatly? Wear the polo with chinos. For a more casual style, wear the polo shirt with matching jeans. And did you know that large polo shirts can also be worn well under a blazer?

Plus size polo in different styles

Like many other items of clothing, you also have different styles with a plus size polo for men. Which style for a polo shirt in large sizes are you looking for?

At Suitable we sell different types of polos. They are often referred to in two main streams: Classic or Sportive.

Classic polos can be recognized by basic colors where the piping (end of sleeve) has the same color as the polo itself. There is also a so-called tiping missing, this is a contrasting color on the collar of the polo shirt. The polos often have a matte finish, while sporty polos can have a small shine.

A sporty large size polo for men is characterized by different colors on the piping and a smooth, sometimes shiny finish in the fabric. Polo shirts in striking colors are also seen as sporty.

Large size polo shirt with long sleeves

Common polos are the short sleeve polo shirt. But at Suitable we also sell plus sizes polos with long sleeves. Great for a cooler evening or as an extra layer during a nice walk.

Buy your long sleeve polo shirt in large sizes at Suitable! It doesn't matter whether it is a men's polo in 4XL or a men's polo in 5XL. We have a spacious range. Do you have questions about a men's polo in a plus sizes? Then contact customer service.


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