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Suede Belt

Suede is a rough leather that is mainly used in various items of clothing such as belts and shoes. These suede belts can be perfectly combined with different garments. Therefore order your suede belts in different colors online at Suitable. Suede is the inside of the leather, and is often treated differently than leather, making it much softer. Combine the color of a suede men's belt with your shoes to complete your outfit!

Suede Men's Belts

Suitable has various Suede Men's Belts in its range. It is important to match the color of your belt with your Suede shoes.


Suede men's belts in various colors

  • Gray: Luxurious gray suede belt. Suede is the inside of the leather and is often processed differently than normal leather. This makes your gray suede belt feel much softer than a leather belt. Combine your suede belt with your suede shoes to complete your outfit!
  • Blue: Blue suede belts handmade from Italy. The leather used for these suede belts is of top quality. A beautiful men's belt that goes well with your shoes completes an outfit and that is why it is important to choose the right color blue.
  • Black: Do you like to wear a suede black belt with your suit? Are you looking for a suede black belt for your black moccasins? Or do you find a suede black belt just like us a must-have basic item for your wardrobe? At Suitable you will find various black suede belts in the range online, from our own Suitable label to various luxury brands!
  • Cognac: One of the most popular accessory colors in stylish menswear! Combine a Suede Belt Cognac with your suede shoes to complete your look! Suede is the inside of the leather and is treated differently than normal leather, making it feel much softer and has a unique look. A Cognac Suede Belt is easy to combine with different colors and is indispensable in your wardrobe.
Do you find it difficult to determine the size? Or do you have a few questions before you want to order? No problem! Feel free to contact our customer service, we are happy to help you!
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